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Atlantic Medical Recruitment

Contact: Dr Russell Thomson
Number: +27 82 376 1175

Atlantic Medical Recruitment’s vision is to personally source the most suitably qualified and experienced medical staff to fill positions on board some of the finest passenger cruise ships in the world – doctors, nurses and paramedics that are mature, experienced in providing a high standard of evidence-based general and emergency medical care, and most of all, willing and keen to travel.

We believe in placing suitable candidates in the best positions available in the cruise ship industry. For this reason, we recruit exclusively for cruise liners that provide quality, evidence-based medical care and medical facilities on board their vessels.

On our website you may find answers to some of the questions you may have about practicing Cruise Ship Medicine – not a specialty in itself, but a unique combination of general practice, emergency medicine, public health, pre-hospital care, disaster medicine, medical systems and staff management all in one. 

Growing in popularity amongst South African doctors, nurses and paramedics, a career in cruise ship medicine has great benefits! 

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